Sunday, March 24, 2013

Living The Simple Life In Latex

When I worked at Fantasy Unlimited I use to wear and I collected alot of latex. Truth is I had the perfect body for it-minus the boobs.
Here's some of my old latex shots, I wish I could find the one with the custom made black latex skirt with white fringe and stars!

Okay so maybe I was a little underweight.....

...still was really fun to wear, perfect for that Seattle rain!

Here are some amazing new latex designs, we will be selling some custom made latex this fall on our seamstress for the band page!

Just try to say you wouldn't love to 
play with this stuff!

Amazing is all I have to say!

Just think of how durable they would be!
The combination of fabric with latex is something I have waited to see done for years....
It's the fabric of the future girls better embrace the idea!

oooooohhhh, spikey!

still cookin' with that long lost recipe in Xanaland!
We will be adding a bunch of links as we get them to great lingerie, latex and otherwise, as we find more amazing stuff!

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