Saturday, March 9, 2013

La Perla's Vintage Muse Line For The Ordinary Starlet

Dita's lingerie
Last week's news that the burlesque icon would be launching a new signature line for Target is, by our count, Dita's fourth such "exclusive"branding in the past four years. And that's not counting her inspired spin last year as the "muse" for La Perla's new lingerie collection from Gaultier.
As the saying goes, if you've got it, flaunt it -while you still can.
For anyone keeping score, Frederick's of Hollywood released this Dita signature line back in 2007:
Dita's lingerie
That was followed a year later by Dita's beautiful retro-modern collection for Wonderbra (below) which, sadly, doesn't appear to be part of their current catalogue.
Dita's lingerie
And, just to make sure you were covered head-to-foot in DVT wear, the busy star endorsed this vintage stockings set for the U.S. e-tailer Secrets In Lace shortly afterward and it's still available:
Dita's lingerie
Dita's line for Target, called Von Follies, is meant to bring the vintage lingerie revival to the masses with lower prices than you'd find in a designer collection and a range of sizes that will include plus-sizes. The latter point is especially important, since DVT has always been appreciated by those (men and women) who appreciate curvier figures.
Dita has said she designed the Target line to accentuate curves and to express her own fascination with vintage lingerie styles. What does this mean exactly? For starters, watch out for 50s-era overwire bras (which have long been out of fashion) and stylish high-waisted briefs (which are back in).
The Von Follies collection (more images below) will launch in Target stores in Australia in February before being rolled out in the UK and then North America.
And if you get tired of waiting for the collection to arrive, no problem, just pour yourself a drink. Specifically, something from Dita’s new "Travel Essentials" cocktail kit in partnership with French liqueur label Cointreau.
So great that the classic looks have come back and made accessible to us not so rich modern gals!

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